EXCLUSIVE: Krystle D’Souza: I have faced rejections from films because of TV background; have cried and hauled

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Krystle D’souza kickstarted her acting career on television as one of the most sought-after actresses and later went on to do web and music videos as well. The actress will be making her Bollywood debut with Chehre alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi. As her song Ek Bewafa was released recently, we caught up with the gorgeous actress who opened up on the music video and the feedback to it. She also opened up on reacting to harsh comments, dealing with negativity, being unfazed with social media judgements. Krystle also opened up on her definition of love and the big no-no in any relationship for her. The beautiful actress also revealed being rejected last minute because of her TV background and having an emotional breakdown post that.

Opening up on facing rejections because of TV background, Krystle D’Souza told Bollywood Bubble, “I have been rejected before only on the basis that I came from TV. When I did a few film auditions, I got finalised first and then rejected. Everything was finalised and then someone or the other said that ‘let’s not take her because she is from TV, and take someone else’. I have gotten rejected like that.” She added that people still have the mentality that a film with a TV actor won’t work. “What people don’t understand is that you take TV actors and they will only up to your game because they connect with the masses a lot, and we have so much practice in acting. It is only going to add to the films. I don’t know why they have this mentality.”

Krystle D’Souza revealed having an emotional breakdown post the rejection. “I have broken down, I have hauled and cried because I thought the film was happening. I was ready to pack my bags and leave and everything was final till two days before, but you are from the TV so we have taken someone else. It is devastating but looking at the brighter side, I get to make my debut opposite Amitabh Bachchan, so I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other actor who thought TV is little,” Krystle shared.


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When asked how did she deal with it back then, Krystle added, “I feel my thing was that I had no other option. I don’t know anything apart from acting. So I knew I had to audition again. I have to be my hero and do it for myself. I couldn’t lay down and cry about it because then I would lose the other job as well.” She revealed that she is okay being rejected if they didn’t like what she did in the audition. “You need to have faith in yourself that one person or one project didn’t understand your value but you are valuable. If you reject me because you did not like my audition, that is very different but you like what I do but you reject me because I come from TV, then that is your loss,” Krystle D’Souza concluded.

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