Box Office report: ‘Bhaiaji Superhit’ does meagre business on Day 1

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Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta starrer ‘Bhaiaji Superhit’ released yesterday (November 23). The film, as expected, did average business at the box office (no surprises there). The film received disastrous reviews across mediums and was criticised for its shoddy acting and script.

Now, according to a report in Box office India, The Sunny Deol, Arshad Warsi starrer ‘Bhaiaji Superhit’ has earned Rs 1 crore on Day 1. The film has been let down due to various factors and apparently was delayed by a number of years.

This is what Bollywood Bubble had to say about this film, “In the film, Sunny Deol plays Bhaiyyaji a UP-based don, known for extortion and land grabbing. Preity Zinta plays his fiery wife Sapna. She serves him divorce papers on suspicion and in order to win her back, Sunny takes help of Arshad Warsi (Goldie Kapoor) and Shreyas Talpade (Tarun Porno Ghosh) who promises him to make a film based on his life, so that his wife comes back.”

Sunny Deol, knowingly or unknowingly, is doing films which are mediocre and downright poor.We wonder what must have been the thought process of the makers before they started working on this film. It is rather a sad sight, when a legend like Sunny paaji is making the same mistakes again and again.

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