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Sanjay Dutt’s ‘rumored’ affair with Madhuri Dixit not to be a part of his biopic

Rajkumar Hirani has been working on the script of his next directorial which is a biopic on ‘Munnabhai’ Sanjay Dutt. The writer-director who has been working on many drafts before locking one, may be ready with the final script. But perhaps this biopic would be missing one important chapter of the actor.

Apparently, this movie will not have the section of ‘rumored’ affair Sanjay Dutt had with his co-star diva Madhuri Dixit. Sanjay who has worked with Madhuri in memorable films like ‘Saajan’ and ‘Khal-Nayak’ was having an affair with this ‘Dhak- Dhak’ girl till he was arrested in the case of Mumbai bombings in the year 1993.

This incident came as a shock to everyone in the film industry and Madhuri seemed to break off her ties with Sanjay not getting into some legal troubles. Later, Sanjay Dutt was released after a sentence of 18 months but said in one of his interviews that he didn’t wish to work with Madhuri Dixit again. Till today, both never came face to face again. Perhaps this was an unfortunate ending to their story.

Turning this a bad news for their fans as well, who were expecting to see this story on the big screen may face only sadness as sources say that Rajkumar Hirani has not kept this ‘secret love affair’ chapter in his film to avoid any further controversies.

Sanjay Dutt will release from his jail sentence in the month of March and the film is planned to start shooting in mid-2016.

Unlike his previous films, we hope the filmmaker doesn’t disappoint us with this one as well.



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