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The Kerala Story stars Adah Sharma in the lead role. It is directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Shah. Since its release, The Kerala Story has been breaking records at the box office. The movie is unstoppable and is growing in numbers day by day. While some states have banned the Adah Sharma starrer, some have made it tax-free. Speaking of that, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Adah reacted to the film’s ban in certain states.

Adah Sharma breaks her silence on The Kerala Story ban…

The actress said, “I think when you are releasing the film and somebody bans it, there will be someone who will come out and support of it, and that’s where war begins. So, we got it through the censor board who kept it for two months, got each fact and checked everything and said ok it can be released. Because the censor board is the final authority for all films. But then when a state bans it and then somebody else says this ban should not happen, you’re already creating two things.”

She added, “So, then its almost like you’re stopping freedom of speech. But then somebody else says this freedom of speech should be stopped and then somebody says this should not. So then, you have polarizing opinions of everybody about the film.”

Addressing people’s support, Adah said, “I’m so glad that some people supported us because had it been banned everywhere then you and me would not be sitting here and having this conversation. The audience would have not watched it and I think a lot of credit goes to the audience because they really pushed for it.”

During the conversation, Adah also opened up about The Kerala Story’s success. That’s not all as she even shared whether or not The Kerala Story deserves to be in the Oscars race.

The Kerala Story was released on May 5. Apart from Adah, it also stars Sonia Balani, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani, and Devadarshini among others.

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