Salman Khan just gifted his paintings to a pretty lady; & no, it’s not Lulia Vantur!

Salman Khan is known to be a large-hearted man who loves to gift his close friend’s. The generous Khan loves to give expensive gifts, but the most cosseted gift are the paintings that the very talented actor paints in his spare time. He had gifted one such painting to his good friend actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, now another beauty has become the recipient of Salman’s beautiful work of art.

Yes, the generous Khan has gifted not one or two but three of his paintings to this gorgeous beauty, who has been spotted time and again being part of his close group of friends. We are talking about none other than Chitrangada Singh. The actress who has been asking career advice from Bajrangi Bhaijaan was delighted to receive one of the kind gift from Salman. She plans to hang them on her bedroom wall,

Looks like after mentoring Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah, Salman is apparently thinking of re-launching Chitrangada Singh now.