Apoorva reveals why he changed the title of his film from ‘Haseena’ to ‘Haseena Parkar’

Apoorva reveals why he changed the title of his film from ‘Haseena’ to ‘Haseena Parkar’

Haseena to Haseena Parkar title

Apoorva Lakhia’s ‘Haseena Parkar’ is surely one of the most awaited films of the year. The trailer of the film has received a great response and people are loving Shraddha Kapoor’s transformation. Well, initially the film was titled as ‘Haseena – Queen Of Mumbai’, but later it was changed to ‘Haseena Parkar’.

We recently met Apoorva for an interview and asked him what made him change the title of the movie. The director said, “It was my screw up. What happened was that I had registered ‘Haseena – Queen Of Mumbai’ and the film kept getting pushed. As per the CINTAA rules the title comes into rotation after two years, so they sent me a notice to pay Rs 1800 fee. I told my driver to go and pay Rs 1800, but he went to my union which is IFTDA and he didn’t pay the fee and the title went away. So, when I went to them the title was with someone else. So, I asked the producer I want my title back he asked for Rs 25 lakh. So, I said I will put Parkar behind. So, from ‘Haseena – Queen Of Mumbai’ it has gone to ‘Haseena Parkar’.”

So, this is the reason behind the change of title. (Also Read: Ankur Bhatia reveals inside details on Ibrahim Parkar, Haseena Parkar’s husband)

When this movie was in news back in 2014, there were reports of Rani Mukerji being considered for the role. However, when we asked Apoorva about Rani being considered or being approached for the movie, the director said, “No, ” thereby firmly denying any such report.

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